Complete, efficient, secure data protection for any environment

Backup as a Service - uncompromised and affordable data safety

Companies today are switching to backup as a service (BaaS) solution instead of setting up and maintaining their own backup and recovery infrastructure. They find it’s just smart business. Here’s why:

Superior data protection expertise
Outsource your corporate data protection to a trusted managed service provider (MSP) that has unique access to independent software vendor (ISV) training. They invest significant time to understand backup implementation procedures inside and out so you don’t have to.

Easier management and scalability
Offload maintenance and management to your cloud service provider instead of worrying about managing storage at an off-site location.

Enhanced data safety
Safeguard your data by keeping a copy off-site. By backing up corporate data remotely, you avoid simultaneously destroying both original data and backups should a physical disaster (like theft, fire, or flood) or digital danger (like a network-wide malware infection) occur.

Protecting a business' most valuable asset with System Data Groups Backup and Recovery (SDG-BUR)

 SDG-BUR is a reliable hybrid cloud backup solution for businesses of all sizes that protects more than 20 platforms, anytime, anywhere, and faster than anyone else. 

Protection for any workload
Streamline your data protection efforts using just one solution. We support Windows and Linux servers and VMs, eight major hypervisors, PCs, Macs, iOS, Android, Oracle Database, SAP HANA, Microsoft on-premises and Office 365 apps, and G Suite. 

Simple pricing with no upfront costs
Eliminate expensive equipment and backup software purchases. With this, you can protect your systems and data at an affordable, predictable, monthly rate.

Unmatched storage options
Comply with business requirements and industry regulations by choosing the right storage for your needs. Backups can be stored on-premises, in the secure Acronis Cyber Cloud Storage, public clouds, or with a local storage provider.

Intuitive, self-service web console
Enjoy our solution’s web-based, touch-friendly console to access backups and restore files wherever and whenever it’s needed. There will be no need to contact MSPs to execute basic tasks.

Seamless deployment
Forget about implementation hassles. is a turnkey, all-in-one BaaS solution, with almost no requirements or special prerequisites for customers. Only a lightweight backup agent is needed for installation.

Proactive anti-ransomware protection
Defend your files and backups from ransomware. Traditional backup software is vulnerable to attacks that can delete backup files. shields them with the backup industry’s only artificial intelligence-based anti-ransomware technology.

This is what you get….

  • Secure off-site backup storage

  • Hosted self-service management portal

  • Full image and file-level backups

  • Protection of data on 20+ platforms, including virtual, physical, and cloud-based servers, endpoints, Office 365, and mobile devices

  • Initial seeding and large-scale recovery with physical shipping

  • Customizable policies with backup schedule/frequency and retention rules

  • Customizable compression levels for data being backed up

  • AES-256 encryption of backups in transit and at rest

  • Wide range of recovery options: entire machine, ESXi configuration, single files and folders, databases, Office365 items, etc.

  • Recovery to dissimilar hardware, including bare-metal, physical, virtual, or cloud environments

  • Proactive, AI-based ransomware protection for Windows machines

  • Cryptomining protection