Optimal distribution of your voice, data, audio, and video signals.

When your business employs technological solutions before its growth, it often finds itself reaching a limit of its cable infrastructure design. Speeds need to improve and structured communications have to be set up in place for your business to run smoothly. Cluttering and congesting of cable structures can be a hindrance for both communications infrastructure and the location its placed in.

To solve these issues, structured cabling solutions need to be implemented.

SDG engineers will design, plan, engineer, and execute the wiring foundation needed to meet your current and future needs. From single to multi-point connectivity, we can custom design a cable infrastructure for your organization today that will be scalable for future growth.

If you’re thinking about rewiring or reorganizing your current setup to prepare for growth, that’s well within our wheelhouse too. Our start-to-finish solutions include data center design, distributed antenna systems (DASs), fiber optics, sound masking solutions, and wireless design and implementation.

The benefits of SDG' Structured Cabling solutions are clear:

  • Longer-lasting equipment and systems
  • More efficient voice, data, audio, and video signals
  • Higher network bandwidth and easier troubleshooting
  • Scalable cabling infrastructure that grows alongside your business
  • Maximized office space with well-organized distribution panels and cables