Disaster recovery solutions allow companies to quickly resume business-critical workloads after cyberattacks, natural disasters, or server failures. The disaster recovery process involves a separate physical or cloud site typically to restore data. Every disaster recovery solution aims to help businesses operate as usual. Since business continuity depends on high availability, disaster recovery strategies depend on tight RPOs and RTOs.  Disaster Recovery is not the same as backup. Backups are simple; they are a copy of your corporate systems and data that can be used to bring a failed system back online. Disaster recovery refers to a more advanced form of system copies that include processing capabilities.

Disaster Recovery for us means providing a turn-key solution that allows you to protect your critical workloads securely and instantly recover your critical applications and data no matter what kind of disaster strikes.  Our Disaster Recovery Solution is backed by Acronis, which has provided data protection solutions for 17 years. With over 500,000 business customers, They’ve built a way for us to provide your organization with a world-class disaster recovery program. It’s easier than you think to consolidate your backup and DR solutions. Let us help you with designing and launching a DR implementation.

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